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We Set the Stage When You Need It

Go ahead, think of an idea, a theme, or even just a color that makes up your perfect event space. Got one? Ok great. 

Now visualize that one idea leaping onto paper, sketched and conceptualized into an immersive world built right in front of your eyes. The creative minds and state-of-the-art technology behind RPM Entertainment, work in harmony to turn your idea into the live event space you’ve always imagined. 

Let's Go

Live Events

Imagine an immersive environment where your crucial messages are delivered through light, sound, and image. We’ve been creating live experiences for over 20 years, and when we return to them, RPM will realize your vision with creative, professional production and flawless execution.

Live Event Successes

Scenic, Props & Environments

From “Please take your seats,” to the standing ovation, RPM conceives, crafts, and creates original scenic elements, production props, and immersive environments that bring your vision to life. 

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Projection Mapping

Create the illusion of motion on a static object or 3D on a 2D surface with RPM Projection Mapping. Imagine a wall transforming into a lush Amazonian rainforest and then dissolving into the vastness of outer space. When you unveil your newest vehicle model, show it off in every color and in every environment in seconds. Any number of walls, edges, and spaces can be one cohesive, immersive canvas with RPM 2D and 3D Mapping.

View Projection Projects

More Than Virtual™

RPM brings the latest technology solutions, equipment, and operability to live streaming. 

Use our live event expertise for your next Live Stream Experience. RPM is prepared to reinvent or even add to your live events so everyone can join. From corporate conferences to non-profit fundraisers, with reliable, dynamic, and professional live streams you can communicate clearly from a distance with versatile RPM More Than Virtual Solutions.

The RPM suite of More Than Virtual™ services to bring your live stream to life as if you were all in the same room—whether it’s presenting in front of five or 50,000. With RPM, virtually anything is possible.

Go More Than Virtual

What We Provide

Executive Remote Solution

Imagine the best visual and audio presentation experience delivered from your home office. RPM converts your personal space into a remote studio with professional A/V equipment and reliable streaming hardware. This RPM solution is designed to be flexible whether streaming from a single location or participants from multiple locations are involved.

Central Studio Hub Solution

Imagine a professional, safe environment from which you can clearly communicate. Your streams are produced and streamed from the RPM studio, where our expert team has complete control over the production environment. If a presenter cannot be on-site, we’re able to receive multiple locations and add them into the program.

On-Site Studio Solution

Imagine reaching new, wider audiences without leaving the safety and comfort of your office. RPM comes to you and sets up an on-site studio that can be shared by your executive team, and from there, we can produce and stream your message.

Meet RPM

Experienced Event Experts 

All Things Imaginative

Follow along as we offer seamless, efficient, and reliable tools and solutions for your own business and team.

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