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Imagine That: Mapping Roads for the Ford F150

Eric Mower and Associates and the Western New York Ford Dealers Association commissioned RPM to create a unique introduction of the 2015 Ford F150 at the Buffalo Auto Show.

How do you show people all the places they can go, without having to leave the room?

What RPM Imagined


Setting the Stage

Create an immersive, innovative experience to highlight the capabilities of the new Ford F150. Plus, showcase all the places one could go.

Expert Execution

The result was the All-New F150 Experience—a 3D video mapping presentation. The 4-minute show uses 3 projectors, local video footage, and 3D animation to bring the F-150 to life before the audience’s eyes.

Professional Production

RPM seamlessly developed and implemented the projection mapping process while adding sizzling effects in the form of enhanced audio and visual cues with custom lighting, set, and audio design.

Imagining Beyond the Webcam

RPM brings the latest technology solutions, equipment, and operability to live streaming with our More Than Virtual™ suite of distributed services. Imagine delivering a seamless HD video stream with state-of-the-art production value to your customers, co-workers, shareholders, or online donors. With RPM, you can.

Elevate Your Event

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