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Imagine That: The Magic of PAYCHEX

PAYCHEX is an organization that values and appreciates the power creativity can have when goals revolve around employee engagement through entertainment.

We love working with them in realizing every creative corporate vision—and making a little magic happen.

What RPM Imagined


Setting the Stage

In 2019, the theme was the Magic of PAYCHEX, and we supported the event by creating several photo-op backdrops for the attendees. Much more than just a step-and-repeat logo backdrop, our custom-designed interactive sets allowed the guests to pose with friends and co-workers in cleverly humorous vignettes.

Expert Execution

We designed and fabricated three individual sets, each allowing two guests to pose as the magician and the assistant (or victim). One simulates the classic “Sawing the assistant in half” illusion, another appears to show the magician levitating the assistant, and the third pulls a “rabbit” out of a hat.

Professional Production

The piece-de-resistance however, was the Ames Room—a physical set constructed to distort size and space. As guests move from one corner to another, they magically grow or shrink in size, depending on the direction of travel.

Imagining Beyond the Webcam

RPM brings the latest technology solutions, equipment, and operability to live streaming with our More Than Virtual™ suite of distributed services. Imagine delivering a seamless HD video stream with state-of-the-art production value to your customers, co-workers, shareholders, or online donors. With RPM, you can.

Elevate Your Event

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