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Seamless Corporate Live Streams: The Latest RPM Models

By now, we’ve all experienced video conferencing fatigue.  Every platform provides a level of convenience but has limitations in the level of quality that the average user can deliver. RPM can help fill in the gaps with nimble skills and multiple technologies, all flexibly designed to suit even the largest corporate live stream events.

Convenient, Secure and Reliable

RPM can leverage enterprise-scale platforms creatively to deliver strong, easy-to-achieve, reliable webcasts from an accessible facility familiar to those using it. Executives need a convenient, comfortable, secure environment from which to deliver their message. RPM ensures clear communication with professional-grade audio and visual equipment that integrates into your preferred conferencing platform.

Imagine Stream Model A vs. B

Imagining Beyond the Webcam

RPM brings the latest technology solutions, equipment, and operability to live streaming with our More Than Virtual™ suite of distributed services. Imagine delivering a seamless HD video stream with state-of-the-art production value to your customers, co-workers, shareholders, or online donors. With RPM, you can.

Go More Than Virtual™

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