Setting the Snow Global Scene

Every year the Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament returns, it brings with it fond memories of being involved in the event as the Riverworks facility was nearing its completion in 2015.

A couple of months before the Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament came to Buffalo’s Riverworks in 2015, the agency handling the logistics contacted RPM to provide a creative element. We proposed a “Snow Globe” photo backdrop.

The Snow Globe was comprised of a custom painted backdrop, a 3D model of Riverworks, a bench, a video projector and a simulated frozen pond and snowbank. We created an animation of swirling snowflakes that settle to the floor, as happens in a shaken snow globe, and projected it onto the backdrop. Visitors had their picture taken by an onsite photographer, who printed out the photo instantly. Of course, lots of people took selfies.

Riverworks is a great facility and a wonderful asset to Buffalo’s reborn waterfront. We wish them continued success and encourage people to visit the Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament.


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