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How to Improve Your At-Home Experience With RPM

Are you self-conscious of how you look on your webcam shot? Do you worry that people can hear you properly during a video call? Instead of worrying about how you look and sound, imagine focusing on what you’re presenting and not how. RPM offers professional solutions to common at-home webinar and presentation issues as well as some cost-effective, easy-to-do-yourself fixes for the narrow bandwidth blues.

Helpful At-Home Hints


Shed Light on Your Message

Not enough light—or just as bad, improperly placed light—can create unwanted shadows or put you in silhouette. If possible, place yourself facing a window with blinds or a translucent shade to allow diffused natural light, not direct sunlight, to illuminate you. Alternatively use an LED light fixture or indirect desk lamp to illuminate your face. Adding a backlight on your head and shoulders improves the quality of the video image.

Imagine the Other End

Vertical video formats (like your cell phone) are quick and easy. But typically most people are viewing on a computer, which is a horizontal format. If you’re using your cell phone camera, hold it horizontally.

Find Your Angle

Place your laptop’s built-in camera, or separate webcam, at or slightly above your eye level to provide the best angle. You will need to elevate your laptop on a stand or other sturdy support.

Sound Good and Be Heard

If you want to sound your best, invest in a headset microphone that plugs into your laptop. There are several available and the quality vs. cost equation improves regularly. Laptop microphones can deliver acceptable audio quality, but they also pick up every other sound in the room and nearby. When you’re on a call, try to be isolated from other sound sources.

Background Completes the Image

Now that you have your laptop or webcam placed properly, and you are well illuminated in a quiet location, consider what else is visible in the frame. If you don’t want your bedroom or dining room or kitchen to be your background, consider a self-supporting fabric backdrop. There are many available, some with a green surface on one side and a second color on the reverse. The backdrop allows you to utilize the virtual backgrounds available through some streaming services, and keeps your private space private.

Professional Solutions

We also offer professional level solutions for those who need to stream to large groups of people, or integrate into enterprise platforms. We can provide remote production services at your location, and we have a dedicated webcast studio with robust bandwidth available. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Recommended Improvement

  1. Elevated laptop stand to bring the camera at or above the subject’s eye level.
  2. Quality mic on a desk stand or lavalier for clear presenter audio.
  3. Adjustable LED lamp and optional backlight to add definition and improve green screen image.
  4. Several types of stretch backdrops including green screens and solid backgrounds on a light stand.

Imagining Beyond the Webcam

RPM brings the latest technology solutions, equipment, and operability to live streaming with our More Than Virtual™ suite of distributed services. Imagine delivering a seamless HD video stream with state-of-the-art production value to your customers, co-workers, shareholders, or online donors. With RPM, you can.

Go More Than Virtual™

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